Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Essential Oils

Bennie Willis of doTerra Essential Oils came and gave us a short course in essential oils and how they are mankind's first medicine. These oils are pure and from nature, not chemicals manufactured in a lab. The over 400 compounds in lavender shows that it is a multi-useful oil, in fact, they call it the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils because it can help the body heal itself in so many ways.

Here are some oil blends and how they can help the body heal itself:

Lavender - headache, burns, better sleep, improve immune system, cure muscle spasms
Frankincense - this is the father of all oils - depression, cancer deterrent
Myrrh - this is the mother of all oils - circulation, menopause
Peppermint - sinus, oxygenating, alertness, digestion, cooling
Engard - sore throat
Melissa - cognitive support, anxiety
Melaluca - antibacterial (pink eye and ear ache)
Lemon - detoxification

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