Monday, August 25, 2014

Discover Costa Rica

Back Country Expeditioning or KINE 1172 was why Professor Ronnie Nespeca took ten intrepid students to Costa Rica in May. Costa Rica is the most diverse geographical area on earth. We at LIFE were spellbound by all the adventures these students had in Costa Rica: swimming in a volcano crater, kayaking the river, harvesting sugar cane and processing it, tagging and cataloguing bats, eating local fare, and living the pura vida. Those were ten very strong and athletic students who had an experience of a lifetime. It's great Ronnie is so organized and talented to be able to do a study abroad with nary a hitch. Thank you for coming to LIFE to give us our vicarious thrills. We especially loved the way Ronnie imitated the howl of the howler monkey. Wish we had that on tape. There is an unsolved mystery in Costa Rica. See the huge sphere in the picture? These multi-sized spheres have existed in Costa Rica since before the 1500s, but no one really knows where or how they exist. They are a symbol of wealth and power.

Cristina Loreto, one of our attendees, took this photo in
Costa Rica in 2007.

The library and Friends of the Library are psyched that Ronnie had
his students take one of our tote bags along for the ride.

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