Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mardi Gras Balloon Hats

Cynthia Shade, trainer extraordinaire, helped us celebrate Mardi Gras by demonstrating how to make balloon hats. Cynthia discovered the thrills of balloon twisting when looking for some birthday party ideas for her daughter. She quickly picked up the skill with the help of how to videos on YouTube, and is now a balloon twisting expert.

Our LIFErs had a blast trying their hand at balloon twisting and hat designing. There were, of course, a few pops, but you must be fearless when making balloon shapes! Cynthia even showed some of our more daring audience members how to make balloon flowers, as well. For this demonstration, Cynthia showed us how to make jester hats and we used size 260Q balloons.

Thanks to Cynthia for a wonderfully fun and crafty time! Check out how to videos here!

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