Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LIFE is Better with Cherries and Chocolate

Today at LIFE we were in the kitchen baking and lighting cherries on fire. Librarians Patsy Brautigam and Tracy Williams celebrated Cherry and Chocolate Month with some delectable desserts. Tracy started us out with her cherry chocolate cake made from devils’ food cake mix and cherry pie filling. The scent of freshly baked cake filled the air. Then she married the savory flavor of pretzels and the bittersweet of Ghirardelli chocolate to create a delightful candy. Patsy then made cherries jubilee with Kirsh (cherry brandy) and regular brandy lighting the entire pan on fire. It was then served on ice cream for a beautiful and delicious dessert – and easy! Patsy remembered the first time she had cherries jubilee – when she was 18 and on a date when the dessert was created with flare at the table. We all relived the feelings of being 18 and eating cherries and ice cream. A la recherche du temps perdu – eat your heart out, Marcel Proust.

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