Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets

Professor Jason Moulenbelt lead us in a group loom project creating the now pretty cool rubber band friendship bracelets. Jason’s sons, age 8 and 10, trade their creations for Pokeman cards. How nifty is that? We took plastic forks, broke the two inner tines, and made our own loom. With Jason’s colorful instructions, we all made these wonderful little bracelets. These are a bit less in demand, but at the peak of the craze, you couldn’t even find a loom for sale. That didn’t stop Jason from Googling how to make a friendship rubber band bracelet without a loom. And voila! Jason said that as a philosophy professor, he sometimes feels he doesn't create anything except confusion in his classroom. That’s why he likes to create actual things such as these bracelets. He also has an online store for his leather crafts including custom knife covers, belts, and knives. 

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