Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MELT Your Pain Away

On September 24th, Joy Brown presented the MELT method of hydrating and exercising fascia or connective tissue to make us flexible, firm, and fit. The MELT Method is a book written by Sue Hitzmann. Medical science is just discovering the value and benefit of our connective tissue and Sue has developed a self treatment so anyone can MELT and feel better. Joy had us working on our hands, which can improve the whole body. We had happy face squeeze balls to squeeze and give our joints pressure points. Joy says to drink a glass of water an hour in sips (gulps are too hard on the kidneys). Do MELT three times a week. Do focus on what is right with you, not on the parts that hurt or don't work. Do eat more plants to keep your ph a bit alkaline. Joy had everyone laughing and MELTing. Invest one hour to learn the MELT method for your health and well-being.

Contact Joy:
Website: http://www.danceplayheal.com
Email: joy@danceplayheal.com
Phone: 832.567.2646

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