Thursday, November 21, 2013

Show and Tell

Today at LIFE we did something different. We asked our LIFErs to come prepared to share a passion, craft, idea or just something interesting with the group. We couldn't believe how many diverse interests we had. Annie shared a Dead Sea Foam carved pipe which was white and beautiful. Ken remembered a former program and shared one aspect of this: TRUTH. It’s a way to think before you speak: T- Is it true? R – is it relevant? U – Is it useful? T- Is it timely? H – Is it hurtful? He had a funny way of saying that he needs to think about what he says more than most J Diana shared her passion for crocheting and learning what other passions she might have. Stephen knows a lot about a lot and can do lots, like craft giant aluminum sculptures such as a dragon and a Viking ship which he did as gifts to his daughter and son respectively. Pauline gave us Sudoku lessons. Arvis gave us glimpse into her family’s genealogy with a marriage certificate from the 1800s. Jennifer and Carolyn didn’t come with a plan, but Jennifer enlightened us on the benefits of foster care of which she is a success story. And Carolyn will cook us up a German cookie at the Dec. 6 program on green crafts. We loved welcoming Leyel Hudson and her ASL students who practice on us. We even got a short ASL lesson. Jennifer stopped by the Ref Desk to tell me that her son decided to take ASL as a result of her telling about this class. Serendipity! Usha gave a wonderful live demo of how to make a spicy, layered dip called Chaat (literaly to lick) and Jill gave us tasty sweets from Vietnam. Claire raffled off her cook book and her book, LIFE in the Library.

Many thanks to our creative and talented LIFErs!

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