Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Macedonian Cuisine

Macedonian native, polyglot, and library Reference Assistant Zana Kadriu introduced us to the Macedonian culture through its varied cuisine. Zana provided some background on her country and showed a video to give us an idea of what daily life is like in Macedonia. Macedonia became a republic in 1991 but its history and traditions go back to early civilizations. It is a unique blend of the historic and the modern, and reflects the influence of many countries, cultures and religions. This is demonstrated in Macedonian food, which combines a wide range of flavors to create unique and delicious dishes. Zana prepared a feast for us that included Sarma, Earth Pot, Mantia, Greek Salad, Baklava, and Rice Pudding. Thanks to one of our favorite presenters for this wonderful introduction to Macedonia through its cuisine!

The recipes for today's dishes are posted here.

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Anonymous said...

I loved it. But, Zana said they cook all the calories away. Ha, wish it were true. Every bite worth every calorie. Claire Gunnels