Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Quilts of the Second World War

Quilter extraordinaire Patricia Plunk joined us today, along with her sisters Anne and Glenda, to share some family quilts and her experience in restoring these incredible heirlooms.

Patricia, Glenda, and Anne shared several beautiful quilts as well as the stories behind them, and even showed us a work in progress where pieces are being salvaged from a deteriorating quilt and will be used to make a new one. Thanks to our presenters and audience for some lovely and funny stories about quilt experiences, and for sharing with us how meaningful and precious these works of art can be.

The first quilt that Patricia shared is one that their grandmother had made during World War II. Patricia spent over a year repairing the pieces and attaching a back, which she hand-quilted in order to maintain the integrity of the vintage quilt.

Anne shared with us how she took her father's military uniform and created three teddy bears out of the material for each of his daughters. With the pieces remaining, she created three quilt squares, each with pieces of the hat, tie, pockets and patches as reminders of their father's service during the war.

Patricia also showed us the top of a quilt that their mother had pieced together before her marriage in 1940. The pieces were made from fabric from her own dresses and those of her mother's, and Patricia's next project will be to finish this quilt and add a back to it.

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