Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Texas Scottish Heritage

The Official Texas Blue Bonnet Tartan
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National Tartan Day was April 6th--how did you celebrate? We were joined by Sia Beaton, who filled us in on tartans, Scottish history, and the many Scots who were influential in Texas' early history. Did you know that Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Jim Bowie, and David Crockett were all Scotch Irish? How about that over 100 of the men who defended the Alamo were also Scotch Irish? Scottish heritage has strong roots in Texas, and we celebrate proudly.

Check out the web site for the Houston Celtic Festival and Highland Games:

Thanks to Sia for singing for us in several different Scottish languages--what a lovely treat this morning!

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clairegunnels said...

I am loving listening to Sia's music. She has a beautiful voice.