Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Secrets of the Bible

What a class we had this week, LIFEers! Professor Shawn Miller joined us to talk about creationism; the belief that the universe, the earth, and all life came into being as stated in the Bible. Is the earth 4.5 billion years old, like many scientists believe; or is it younger, like some evidence states? Did life evolve as Darwin put forth in his theory of evolution, or can the variety of life on earth be explained in Genesis?

While a controversial subject to some, Professor Miller did raise the valid point that science does not have all the answers to basic questions: how did the universe unfold, how old is the earth, how did mankind arise, etc... Scientists might counter that not knowing is the point of science: a theory is put forth until evidence disputes it. Creationists might respond that the Bible is historical evidence and should be taken into account when explaining our origins. Whether or not you agree with creationism, the topic is a fascinating one, and this was without a doubt one of the most dynamic and engaging LIFE classes we've had in a while.

Check out Professor Miller's presentation, and we'll see you next week!

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Anonymous said...

This is not "Secrets of the Bible". Rather this is Young Earth Creationism.

Proponents of Young Earth creationism are regularly accused of quote mining, the practice of isolating passages from academic texts that appear to support their claims while deliberately excluding context and conclusions to the contrary.

Young Earth creationists are fundamentally opposed to any explanation for the origins of anything which deviates from their literal reading of the Bible, whether it be the origins of biological diversity, the origins of life or the origins of the universe itself.

Read more here:

Please call it what it is.